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    Hakim, Mar 2012 Tehran, Iran
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    Maple Ridge 2007 BC, Canada
  • Moreans Studio
    Hakim, Mar 2012 Tehran, IRI
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    IB Tower 2006 Dubai, UAE
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    OMID 2007 Tehran, Iran

About Us

Moreans Studio is a growing CG design company based in Canada , Turkey and Iran. Since 1999 we specialize in photorealistic 3D images, photomontage and animation for Architects,Civil Engineers, Builders, Real-estate professionals , Promoters or any service provider looking Architectural, Civil and Industrial Visualizations.With a high success over the past 2 decades, Moreans Studio has grown steadily and expand its client based through our Canada, Iran, UAE and Turkey.

Our Clients

In more than 650 projects since 1999

This is a partial list of clients that trust us with their projects:
Freelance Clients:

Mohammad Reza Ebrahimzadeh
Mahdi Niktabe
Jafar Mosleh
Babak Shariatpanahi
Bijan Shariatpanahi
Hassan Esmailzadeh
Hooman Arjmandfard
Neghin Morteza
Amir Rahimi

Kourosh Haghgoo
Bajan Vaziri
Rana Taajbakhsh
Jalal Khademi
Alireza Sheykhian

Let Us Show You the Future…

This is Moreans Studio new website.
Persian, Turkish, Norwegian and Czech version of website is under contraction.
For more information please contact Us.

Our Works

Our Team

We provide the “Wow” effect.

You bring your ideas, we’ll provide the visual effects. From vision to visualization, make your dream a reality.
 Mohammad Reza Ansari Founder and Owner of Moreans Studios

Our Services

3D Modeling and Rendering are only the beginning…


Convert your sketches, CAD documentation, or 3D models into convincing high resolution renderings. Typically delivered in digital format (JPEG or TIFF) at 6,000 x 4,000 pixels or higher.


Introduce camera movement and take a journey through your project or product. Typically delivered in three resolutions (480, 720 or 1080)

360º  VR

Allow us to create a more immersive experience by creating 360º panoramic renderings & animations . These are designed to be viewed on desktop/laptop using a mouse for navigation, or smartphone/tablet using touch gestures for navigation. Also viewable with VR glasses on a smartphone if available.


Combine 3D renderings & animation into an application that is designed to be shown on both mobile devices and desktops.

Stereoscopic 3d Images and Animations

Art of capturing and displaying two slightly offset Renders to create three dimensional images and films.

Drone Photography Service

We utilize this technology for clients in real estate, construction, and Photo montage 3d models in aerial photos. 


Your vision. Our Perspective.

Contact Us

Tehran, IRAN

Unit 3 , No11, 15th St, Bakhshayesh Ave,
Sarv Blvd, Tehran, Iran
Email: tehran@moreans.com
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T: +98 21 22 14 59 14
F: +98 21 460 10 928

Vancouver, Canada

1312 Steeple Dr. Coquitlam BC
V3E 1K2
Email: vancouver@moreans.com
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T: +1 778-953-4814

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey office phone numbers and address will update soon.
Email: soheil@moreans.com
Cell: +90 537 495 93 68
T: +98 21 22 14 59 14
F: +98 21 460 10 928

Melbourne, Australia

Email: melbourne@moreans.com

Cell: +61 452 228 170
T: +98 21 22 14 59 14